You are invited to the Business Psychology Academy Launch

The Coronavirus pandemic was life-changing for many of us, interfering with our working situations, social lives, travel plans, leisure activities and mental health. All in all, it turned our lives upside-down but this gave us many gifts too. Importantly, it offered us the gift of perspective – of looking at our lives through a new lens where suddenly we realise what is truly important and how much we had been unconsciously suffering in many ways. The impact of long commutes, late evenings in the office and stress to the point of burnout suddenly became more obvious and, as many of us now leave this way of life in the rear-view mirror, we are navigating how we actually want to design our lives, holistically in an integrative way.
  • How can we make the money we want to make while also enjoying our work?
  • How can we be authentic so that we’re operating in flow state?
  • How can we use our creativity to the advantage of our business or workplace?
  • How can we gain the confidence needed to set up our own business?
  • How can we finally achieve work-life integration?
For the past 18 months, we ourselves have been pondering, “How can we use our skills and experience to further benefit those who need it?” During The Great Pause, we’ve seen massive increases in levels of dissatisfaction and depression, both individually in our work with clients and students, and on a larger societal level. We believe that a compassionate approach in workplaces is now needed to ensure we ourselves and our employees feel valued and content. Why is this important? Because research shows how happier staff leads to increased productivity, lower absenteeism and reduced staff turnover. According to Forbes, this translates to millions of euros saved every year. On May 4 th 2022 at 1pm, we will celebrate the official virtual launch of the Business Psychology Academy and we would love for you to attend. During a short webinar, we’ll discuss compassionate leadership and why it is defining the new working world. We’ll also introduce you to our services and hold a Q&A session for attendees to learn how we can provide value for you. All attendees will receive a 20% discount of ALL OUR SERVICES for the month of May! So what are you waiting for? Register for this evening by entering your name and email address below and we’ll see you on May 4th.