Launched in 2022, Business Psychology Academy (BPA) sets out to create real social change in the working world. We envisage a world in which individual’s feel inspired, empowered, motivated and supported in their work. In this place, there is time to connect with ourselves and with others. Here we are motivated to help and support one another to reach all of our goals. This is a place where we lift each other up and have compassion for our own and each other’s wellbeing and needs. We believe that this change is possible and we want to help working professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations to bring about this change for themselves and their working environments. It is BPA’s mission to make work more human again because “people power business”.

Here in BPA, we know that any change is first brought about inside, in our minds, before it is created outside of ourselves in the world. That is why we have developed a number of different psychology and wellness services for working professional, entrepreneurs and organisations so that they can begin to create this change for themselves!

Why Do We Want to Bring About Change in the Working World?

‘Individuals who sense themselves as living in supportive, caring communities are in different physiological states than individuals who are in threat-focused communities or see the world as “a dog eat dog” place where you cannot trust or rely on others to help you (Perry et al, 2013)’ cited in Gilbert (2021). The physiological state we embody when we are in a threat-focused environment is not helpful to our well-being, to our health or to our ability to perform. It can result in lower well-being and satisfaction levels, lower engagement levels and lower productivity levels. All of these elements have a significantly negative impact on the well-being and performance of an individual, a team and a company as a whole.

We here in BPA know that work does not have to be this way. We know that work environments can be a place where we feel valued, supported and even content! When we feel valued and supported in work, we are happier, physically healthier, more productive and more supportive towards others. The benefits don’t just stop at work though. When we feel happier at work, this means we can be more present and engaged at home with family or friends too. This is the world that BPA wants to help to create with you and this is what we are working toward.

Why Work With The Business Psychology Academy?

Our solutions are evidence based and applicable. We are determined to not just share knowledge but to also give you the tools that you need to bring about real sustainable change. All our services are delivered online so as to increase accessibility but can also be delivered in person where required.

Our founders have over 30 years combined  experience in the field of psychology. This has provided us with the knowledge, expertise and tools needed to help working professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations to bring about this needed change in the working world today.  Together we can make this vision a reality.

BPA itself was founded on these principles of humanity and compassion and we have worked hard to make sure these principles were not just lip service but were the building blocks of our own working environment.  We are all human first and so when you work with us you will be listened to and understood, not just on a clinical level, but a human level. We are real people who want to help others bring about the real positive change that they deserve.

If you are ready to make real lasting change, connect with us today.

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