Bespoke Training Videos

We create bespoke pre-recorded training videos for your employees which can be completed by them at any time. Training videos address your organisation’s specific issues and needs and can be delivered to your employees online on our own platform or through your own platforms. 

Some examples of training video topics include, but are not limited to: creating a compassionate workplace culture, compassionate leadership, workplace wellbeing, caring for mental health, goal setting, communication and assertiveness skills, boundaries in the workplace, compassionate self-care and burnout prevention to name a few.

The process of developing training videos include an initial consultation to identify your specific organisational issues and needs. Once issues have been identified, we return to you with an outline for your specific training videos. Another meeting is set up to discuss the proposed plan and refine further details and gain additional information that may be needed. When a detailed proposal has been agreed we take 3 weeks to create your bespoke training video. Once the video is complete, we send onto you for review. Once we have received your feedback, we make any necessary edits within a week and send back to you for approval. 

If you would like to know more about our bespoke training video service, please get in contact today and we would love to speak with you about your company’s needs and how we can support you!

Bespoke live or in person training can also be provided to organisations and their employees on any psychology, mental health or wellbeing topic. To find out more about these services, get in touch today.