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Self-care is a courageous act of self-compassion that has the power to transform how we experience ourselves, our relationships, our work and our lives. Self-compassion is defined as “a sensitivity to your own suffering, with a deep caring commitment to alleviate or prevent that suffering”. Compassionate self-care involves turning toward your own suffering and taking powerful action to address it. This means we need to be attuned to our feelings and needs and take action on a regular basis to meet those needs so that we can thrive and not just survive. This means, we need to make self-care a habit.

This course was designed to help you learn how you can avoid burn-out and transform the way that you live and work through the habit of compassionate self-care. It will provide you with the valuable knowledge and tools that are necessary to discover what it is that you NEED in order lead your life with harmony and balance. Everyone deserves to truly enjoy their life and their work – with compassionate self-care, you really can.

Course Content:

  1. Understand what compassionate self-care is and why it is important
  2. Discover what are our basic human needs are and what needs you may not be meeting for yourself
  3. Understand the step by step process that we can utilize to meet our needs
  4. Learn about burnout, the dark side of all work and no play, and how it may be playing out in your life
  5. Discover how habits are formed and how you can begin to take control of your daily life
  6. Understand how you can change your habits beginning with what you believe about yourself
  7. Discover how to create a new empowering identity that is centered on wellness
  8. Learn how to begin future self journaling (when we create a caring relationship with our future selves we are motivated to make the best decisions possible for their benefit)

This course includes:

  1. 3hrs of on demand pre-recorded video content – watch the pre-recorded video content and complete the course at your own time and pace in the comfort of your own house!
  2. Receive a free printable resource workbook loaded with information and exercises that you can use alongside the videos to help you get the most out the course and beyond!

Warmest wishes from all the team at the Business Psychology Academy.