Level Up Your Self-Care Habits

When: Sunday September 11am – 12.30pm
Where: Live on Zoom (link will be emailed directly to you when you register below – a recording will also be sent afterwards)
Cost: €29
Why: For many, September is the true start of the year and represents a reset of energy, goals and intentions. As all the top entrepreneurs will testify to, investing in yourself is paramount to success and those big wins are won in the power of the tiny daily habits. How you show up for yourself every day will tell you exactly where you’ll be in 5 or 10 years.

Self-care is a word thrown around so much and this 1hr 30mins workshop will help you understand what true self-care is and how you can begin to integrate it into your daily routine. The fact is, if we want to get the most out of ourselves and our lives, we have to make self-care an ongoing process, a daily habit. Developing self-care habits has the potential to transform how we experience ourselves, our work, our relationships, and our lives as a whole.

The benefits of self-care habits have been shown to include:

  • better mental and physical health,
  • increased motivation,
  • higher energy and productivity levels,
  • more contentment and harmony in relationships and
  • increased ability to manage and solve problems.

However, as we all know, developing new habits can be tricky and that’s where we come in.

This workshop will help you understand how our habits are formed based on three different levels:

  • our beliefs,
  • our processes (actions)
  • our desired outcomes

Usually, we focus on the desired outcome, give some thought to the actions that will help us get there, but we don’t generally examine our underlying beliefs. Our beliefs will either support or sabotage our efforts. This workshop will help you to identify your current beliefs around self-care and will show you how to create new empowering beliefs that support your habits rather than sabotage them.

When forming new habits, we can also fall into the trap of trying to make huge changes (that can be unsustainable and overwhelming) instead of aiming for small, doable and effective actions that are achievable on a daily basis. This workshop will help you to think about what self-care actions you can develop so that your new self-care habits stick.

There can also be a disjoint in thinking about how our daily habits match up to our big life goals. It can be difficult to see sometimes but our habits are literally our goals in action!

No planning, late morning starts, frivolous spending, no mental space and poor nutrition/hydration = still on the treadmill in 10 years.

Planning, morning routine, financial awareness, mental space and good nutrition/hydration = exponential growth over 10 years resulting in success bigger than you can imagine!

If you are ready to level up your self-care habits join us on Sunday September 11th at 11am. We can’t wait to see you there! To book your place on the workshop today, click on the registration button below and you will receive a zoom invitation by email.

Warmest wishes,

Lorraine and Aine