Live Workshops and Talks

Here at the Business Psychology Academy, we are delighted to offer live workshops and talks to organisations and their employees. As speakers and educators, we are passionate about supporting organisations in their pursuit of compassionate, productive and engaging workplace cultures. Through our workshops and talks, our aim is to help organisations and their employees to feel informed, inspired, motivated and supported in their workplaces and in their work. We strive to provide, not just knowledge, but real applicable tools that can be used by employees in a meaningful way. We firmly believe that it isn’t just what we talk about that’s important, it’s about what attendees take away from it.

Workshops and talks can be provided online or in-person and can be done on any psychology or wellbeing topic. Bespoke workshops can be custom-made to address your specific organisational needs upon request. Some examples of topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Burnout and Compassionate Self-Care: How to Transform the Way You Live and Work Through Compassionate Self-Care
  • Compassionate Self-Care: How to Manage Compassion Fatigue When Working with Vulnerable Individuals
  • Challenges of Hybrid and Remote Working: Tools for Navigating the New Post-Pandemic Working World
  • Goal Setting: How to Turn Your Goals into Reality
  • Level Up Your Habits: Understand the Importance of Habits and How to Develop Habits for Success
  • Compassionate Leadership: How to Develop Your Compassionate Leadership Competencies and Why It Is Important for your Team’s Success
  • Self-Compassion: How to Overcome Self-Criticism and Increase Your Confidence in Work and in Life
  • Assertive Communication: How to Manage and Resolve Conflict in Healthy and Helpful Ways in the Workplace

If you would like to know more about our talks and workshops, connect with us today!